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I Am Ready Sexy Dating Can too much sex be bad

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Can too much sex be bad

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Spending too much time in bone town can take you to chafing city, and might even put you on the slow train to chronic back pain county.

Alas, too much of a good thing even applies here, which might be the best thing. The biology of intercourse gets our chemicals grooving in a way that puts us at peak human. Our bodies suddenly decide we should be running marathons, our neurons are stoked to be alive, and who can forget the climax? Hwp gay slang be fair, there are a couple of good things that come along with having non-stop intercourse.

can too much sex be bad

Continue, brave readers, for a whiff of Isn't ejaculating great? Well, it might not be if you're doing it constantly.

No pun intended. He says: Some of the easiest ways to avoid getting a Nuch are drinking plenty of fluids and going to the bathroom right after the deed is.

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If you're doing it a lot, say two times a day for a month, you're going rub your genitals raw unless you use some kind of lubricant. It's like if your favorite food is pizza and you eat it every day.

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Or beaver. Or at least your nonstop excitement for it. How do you make sure this doesn't happen to you?

Your Orgasms Turn Against You. The Best Qualities in a Person.

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